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Wisdom of Wolves ~ Leadership Lessons From Nature
Teamwork, patience, unity, failure, attitude, communication, play, loyalty and change are just a few of the subjects covered in this beautiful book. Each chapter closes with "Questions to Ponder" that relate back to your own business, family and personal life. A great tool for leadership meetings and retreats in any type of organization.

An impressive spin-off of the corporate edition "The Wisdom of Wolves: Nature's Way to Organizational Success", this edition teaches the same life and business lessons as the corporate edition and is packed with striking photos of wolves in the wild. This book will enhance any book collection with its valuable lessons and elegance.

A perfect book for your next leadership retreat. Parallels between the wolf pack and human behavior…in business, the family and how it impacts your personal life. Explore the characteristics of this majestic creature in this breathtaking inspiring book. What would happen in our business and our personal lives if we worked together towards a common goal like the wolf pack works together for survival?

"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."
- Rudyard Kipling


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