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  About Twyman
  Being a published writer came later in life for Twyman Towery, but the reviews and sales of his books show that all of his life experiences came into play when he began to communicate with others through the written word. As a hospital and corporate executive (including tenure as CEO of Maury Regional Hospital in Columbia, Tennessee) Twyman dealt with the realities of the workplace, the human aspects being every bit as important as the financial balance sheet. His training in Medical and Hospital Administration at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health and the University of Kentucky Medical Center propelled him into a world of patients, physicians, nurses and other health care workers, always within the context of communities throughout the United States and many foreign areas, such as the Middle East, Latin America and Europe. He was in charge of all Saudi Arabian students in Hospital Administration training in the United States at Tulane University, where he served on the adjunct faculty. When Twyman left full time corporate management to become a professional speaker and management consultant he ventured into almost every segment of American business, as well as governmental entities such as the Department of Defense, C.I.A. and the various branches of the military. Twyman's books are popularly used as gifts to friends and loved ones, discussion guides for corporate managers and executives and references for individuals searching for their own individual path in facing the realities of life with which we all must struggle. Twyman's first book, Male Code: Rules Men Live and Love By won critical acclaim and was followed by Wisdom of Wolves: Nature’s Way To Organizational Success and The Power of Eagles: Nature's Way To Organizational Success, both of which have been translated into many foreign languages. His book relating how the wisdom of the wolf pack can be effectively applied applied to human organizations is now in a new edition titled The Wisdom of Wolves: Leadership Lessons From Nature and is complemented by scores of pictures of the majestic wolf pack by some of America's foremost wildlife photographers. Twyman lives in Brentwood Tennessee.

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