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The Wisdom of Wolves ~ Nature’s Way to Organizational Success
In this book, the first of a series, Dr. Towery responds to the resurgence of respect for the wisdom of the natural world with a guide to assist people today in meeting one of their greatest challenges: to find a balance between work, family and personal living.

With the modern-day emphasis on leadership and the growth of family values, it is not always easy to remember that the strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf. This book will remind even the most corporate-minded that individual growth and potential lead to the strength of the organization, and that the strength of the organization leads to the strength of the individual.

You will be inspired and motivated by well-researched stories depicting the fascinating organizational life of the majestic wolf pack...all woven together in a unique combination of poignant quotes, personal anecdotes, organizational examples and provocative questions. Lessons from nature’s way illuminate timeless principles in each of the following chapters: Teamwork, Patience, Unity through uniqueness, Curiosity, Attitude, Failure, Communication, Perseverance, Strategy, Play, Death and survival, Loyalty and Change.

This book reveals fundamental truths through unique stories that are not only fun to read but also serve as powerful metaphors for the human spirit through wolf tales and metaphors. The strength of the wolf pack, like any working group, lies in each member's ability to play a special role in harmony with the rest of the organization. The Wisdom of Wolves: Nature's Way to Organizational Success explains some of the crucial elements of any successful business or organization, such as teamwork, communication, perseverance and attitude.


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